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Rockways Ponds & Water Courses

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watercourses and falls

The water courses in this section can be used to add a mountain feel to your garden. They make it possible to create the beautiful and relaxing effect of flowing water through a rocky terrain ending in a waterfall. If you do not have a garden pond then preformed ponds are also available in this section. These products have been designed to look and feel exactly like natural rock and they blend wonderfully into natural surroundings.

Ultralite material is strong and weather resistant and is guaranteed for 20 years. It is virtually impossible to distinguish from real slate. You can build a water feature resembling one provided by nature itself. It can last a lifetime and can be created by simply laying lightweight sections on to a rockery located alongside a garden pond.

Watercourses are formed by linking together a variety of preformed sections including cascades, streams and header pools. It is possible to buy complete courses as shown in our examples or to buy individual sections to create a course of the length and shape you require. It is usual to start a course with a larger section or header pool at the top to provide an upper reservoir. Water would be supplied to this upper reservoir via a pond pump submerged in the garden pond and a length of pipe either beneath the water course or buried in the rockery.

watercourse set up

Rockways systems are easy to install whether you are a professional landscaper or a DIY gardener. Installation is as shown in the diagram to the left. When laying sections of watercourse it is best to start nearest the pond and then work away to the top of the course. Before fixing each section permanently in place it should be tested using water from a garden hose to ensure that it is level enough not to loose water from the sides or back. To be absolutely certain that water will not be lost pond liner can be laid underneath the watercourse so that any water escaping from it drains back to the pond over the surface of the liner.

The maximum advisable flow of water down a waterfall is twice the volume of the pond per hour. Many waterfalls however have a much smaller flow rate than this.

Tugela preformed pond
Tugela Preformed Pond

Rockways Ultralite.
Price 286.35

Rockways Slate Bridge Facade
FGWF67 Slate Bridge Facade

Length: 135cm (53").
Rockways Ultralite.
From 261.05

FGRS20 Single Piece Waterfall
FGRS20 Single Piece Waterfall

Length: 112cm (44").
Rockways Ultralite.
Price 224.25

Slate watercourse and waterfall
Slate Shelf & Overhanging Ledge

SGRS21 & SGRS22 sections. Rockways Ultralite.
Price 254.15

Weathered Limestone Kit
Weathered Limestone Kit

Length: 160cm (63").
Glass reinforced concrete.
Price 396.75

FGRS40 Slate Ripple Cascade
FGRS40 Slate Ripple Cascade

Length: 92cm (36").
Rockways Ultralite.
Price 228.85

Straight Deep Canyon
Straight Deep Canyon

Length: 140cm (55").
Rockways Ultralite.
Price 189.75

Flat Slate Bends & Drop Section Watercourse
Flat Slate Bends & Drop Section

FGRS36, FGRS37 & FGRS38 sections.
Rockways Ultralite.
Price 362.25

Rockways Waterfall Pond Filter
Filter Waterfall

Ponds up to 500 gal.
Rockways Ultralite.
Price 263.35

Slate Wall Cascade
Slate Wall Cascade

Width 122cm (48").
Rockways Ultralite.
Price 391.00

Spectacular Rock Waterfall
Spectacular Rock Waterfall

ULWL20, ULWL21 & ULWL22 sections.
Rockways Ultralite.
Price 529.00


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