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Oak Barrel Pumping Stations

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rainwater pumping station

These oak barrel water butts are made from genuine ex-distillery oak barrels. They are available with a number options for collecting rainwater from drainpipes and each is supplied complete with a submersible pump. The pump includes a float switch, which activates the pump when the water in the barrel reaches a pre-determined level and stops the pump when the water level is low. They are intended for use with a large plastic storage tank; details of which are available on the previous page. Water is collected either through an entry hole in the lid of the barrel or via a drainpipe diverter. Please note that all barrel dimensions and capacities are approximate.

Pumping Station Barrel Sizes


Approx. capacity 40-gallons (180 litres). Approx. 35" (88 cm) high, approx. diameter at middle 24" (60cm) to 25" (62cm).


Approx. capacity 56-gallons (250 litres). Approx. 37" (92 cm) high, approx. diameter at middle 27" (68cm) to 29" (73cm).


Approx. capacity 100-gallons (450 litres). Approx. 50" high (125 cm), approx. diameter at middle 36" (90cm).

storage tank and pump system

Pumping Station Options - Options for taps and drainpipe diverters etc. are described below.

brass tap fitted to water butt

Brass Taps

Rainwater barrels have the option of having a brass tap fitted near the bottom of the barrel. Brass taps are available in three different styles. The frog tap version includes a screw-on hose-tail to which a length of garden hose may be attached.

wooden barrel taps

Wooden Taps

Oak barrel butts are also available fitted with wooden barrel taps. Three sizes of tap are available, i.e. 7" (17½cm), 8" (20cm) and 10" (25cm). The larger the tap the greater the flow of water.

lift-off and fixed tops

Rainwater Barrel Lids

Pumping Stations can have either a loose lift-off lid or a screwed down lid, which is removable by removing four screws to allow access to the pump. Either may be notched to allow entry of a drainpipe. The screwed down lid is a safer option where children are present and also offers more security for the submersible pump.

rainsaver diveter

Rainsaver Diverters

Easy way to connect your water butt to a downpipe. This device diverts water from the downpipe to the water butt until the water butt is full. Any further water passes straight down the downpipe. No need for notches or lids.    more information more info.



Use a stand to lift the barrel off the ground increasing the clearance from the tap to the ground by an additional 4". This makes it sufficient for most buckets and watering cans. Our stands are made from pressure treated timber for long life.    more information more info.

Submersible Pump

Each pumping station includes a mains, 240Vac submersible pump complete with automatic on / off float switch and 10m of cable. This pump is included in the price of the barrel. The pump has a 7m head, a maximum flow rate of 10800 litres per hour and a 370W motor. A water outlet located at the back of the barrel connects to the pump inside the barrel. This outlet has a hose pipe connector that enables a length of garden hose (not supplied) to be connected to the pumping station. The hose should be used to provide connection to a large plastic storage tank. The storage tanks are available on the previous page.
Check the tick boxes below to select the four options you require. Click on the cameras for relevant pictures and additional information:
Barrel Size (price includes submersible pump)
40 gallon £198 show 40-gal water butt
56 gallon £199 show 56-gal water butt
100 gallon £275 show 100-gal water butt
Please ensure the size you choose is not too large for your requirements before ordering. Please note that there will be a 25% handling charge if barrels are returned because they are too large.
Stand Option
without stand
with stand @ +£13.99 show lift-off top
Lid Options
lift off top show lift-off top
screwed down lid @ +£9.00 show fixed top
Tap Options
Without tap  
Brass Frog Tap @ +£17.99 show water butt with frog tap
Dragon Tap @ £17.99 show water butt with dargon tap
Plain Brass Tap @ +£12.50 show water butt with plain brass tap
7" Wooden Tap @ +£6 show water butt with 7-inch wooden tap
8" Wooden Tap @ +£12 show water butt with 8-inch wooden tap
10" Wooden Tap @ +£15 show water butt with 10-inch wooden tap
Notch & Rainsaver Options
notched top @ +£2.50 show notch
with rainsaver @ +£16 show rainsaver
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