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Pond Liner Oasis Lifetime heavy duty pond liner is supplied in conveniently pre-packed sizes. Widely used by landscapers it is highly resistant to damage from root penetration and tearing. The Lifetime liner is also U.V. light resistant ensuring years of enjoyment. Pond liner can be used as a cost effective way of making a garden pond or watercourse. It can also be used underneath preformed watercourses to reduce water loss by catching any splashing water that escapes the preformed course.
LT225 £21.99
L 2.5m x W 2.0m
LT325 £33.99
L 3.0m x W 2.5m
LT43 £56.99
L 4.0m x W 3.m
LT54 £90.95
L 5.0m x W 4m
LT65 £150.95
L 6.0m
W 5.0m
Pond Underlay Underlay can be used underneath pond liner to provide additional protection for the liner. The weight of water in deep ponds results in considerable pressure on the pond liner and underlay gives additional protection from sharp stones etc in the ground.
The use of underlay is not always necessary. It is possible to lay pond liner on a layer of sand instead of using underlay. Where pond liner is being used underneath a preformed water course it may not be not necessary to use underlay since the liner is not supporting the weight created by a depth of water. Where underlay is necessary it should be laid in strips to provide a cushioned surface for the pond liner.
PU32 £22.95
L 3.0m
W 2.0m
PU42 £29.95
L 4.0m
W 2.0m
PU52 £37.95
L 5.0m
W 2.0m
PU62 £45.95
L 6.0m
W 2.0m

Pond Liner-Wall Transition - Tradux

Pond Liner-Wall Transition - Tradux

Good value, around 20% cheaper than the garden centres around here and delivery in 3 days. Mr Christofi, Essex
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