Pedestal Lage Armillay - Garden Sundial

Pedestal Lage Armillay - Garden Sundial

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For centuries garden sundials have been used a s a mark of the passage of time while reminding us of the rhythms of our universe, this tall elegant Pedestal Large Armillary is a Victorian classic.
The Armillary was first invented by ancient Greek astronomers in their endless quest for knowledge. These beautiful armillary spheres demonstrate the earliest understanding of the plants and stars, these fabulous structures allow us to measure the passing of time by a shadow.
The intricately inscribed brass armillary is mounted onto a tall  classically styled
column crafted with a round flared capital with an octagonal base, this sundial brings height and works well in both traditional and contemporary  garden settings.
LUCAS STONE sundials are hand made by skilled Sussex craftsmen using naturally sourced local reconstituted stone, crafted by traditional methods their hardy construction enables permanent outdoor display.
Made from long lasting aged Cotswold stone which will weather beautifully over time attracting lichens and mosses to give a unique patina full of character adding a sense of history to your garden.
Pedestal Large Armillary Features
Materials: Brass and cast stone.
Colour: Aged Cotswold stone 
Classical Victorian style
Dimensions: H 134cm
Weight 87kg
Delivery 21 days.

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Your staff were helpful and courteous. The goods were delivered on time and were good quality products. Ms Chapman, Battersea.
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