Rain Harvesting Systems Underground Home Range

Rain Harvesting Systems Underground Home Range

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Rainwater harvesting systems are designed to store and redistribute rainwater, manufactured in the UK and designed for ease of assembly and use.
Our Aquarius Rain Harvesting Systems are available in one of three designs - Essentials, Garden and Home ranges.
Used and installed correctly, rainwater harvesting systems can significantly reduce domestic residences reliance on mains water and reduce household water bills.
They are ideal for the storage of rainwater in areas of low rainfall and those with water usage restrictions during dry periods, in these areas  rain harvesting can be extremely useful.
Home System
Our most comprehensive system to replace non potable applications within the property such as toilet flushing, washing machines and car washing the standard Home system includes: 
HDPE tank made in the UK rotationally moulded for strength and durability.
Pedestrian rated access / inspection cover and frame.
Self cleaning filter for roof areas up to 500 square metres.
Self cleansing primary Aquatrio filter fully assembled.
Calmed inlet for improved aeration and enhanced water quality.
Fully automated submersible pump to respond to demand.
Secondary floating intake filter to draw clean water from the tank.
Mains water top up controller - WRAS approved type AA air gap and tundish for top up system.
Overflow with vermin grill.
The under ground water storage tanks are available in sizes from 1200 litres to 6000 litres for this Home Rain Harvesting System, tank colours may vary from those shown.
As an example a typical area of pitch or side of a roof on a detached or large semi would be around 35 to 50 sq m and would generate between 150 and 250 litres per hour of rainwater from an average U.K. storm. So our smallest 1200 litre unit would take around 4 to 8 hours to fill in constant rainfall. Once the tank is full it will go to overflow. This amount of water would give a reserve water supply from the system for use from a hose or sprinkler onto your garden or connection to a jet wash for around 3 to 4 hours, based on a large car wash machine using 450 litres per hour.
Installation of a rain harvesting system reduces the requirement for tap water, saving money where supplies are metered. More and more UK homes are being converted to metered supplies following the introduction of new government legislation that gives water companies the right to compulsorily meter their customers in areas of water scarcity. Storing rainwater for use in the home and garden is also environmentally friendly especially useful when hose-pipe bans are in force.
Please note these tanks are not suitable for the storage of drinking water.
1200 litre Home System (264 gallons).  £1669
Height of  tank: 1550mm (62").
Diameter of tank: 1260mm (49.5").
Cover diameter: 450m
1500 litre Home System (330 gallons).  £1748
Height of  tank: 1550mm (62").
Diameter of tank: 1260mm (49.5").
Cover diameter: 450mm (18").
2000 litre Home System (445 gallons). £1827
Height of tank: 2135mm (85.4").
Diameter of tank: 1260mm (49.5").
Cover diameter: 450mm (18").
3000 litre Home System (660 gallons). £2126
Height of tank: 2100mm (84").
Diameter of tank: 1560mm (61.5").
Cover diameter: 450mm (18").
4500 litre Home System (1000 gallons). £2425
Height of tank: 1940mm (77.6")
Diameter of tank: 2010mm (84")
Cover diameter: 450mm (18")
6000 litre Home System (1330 gallons). £2724
Height of tank: 2380mm (95")
Diameter of tank: 2150mm (86")
Cover diameter: 450mm (18")
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My barrel water feature arrived today and it is fabulous! Thank you so much. It is beautifully made and I am really pleased with the quality of the product and the speed and efficiency of your customer service Katie Hill, Sandyford
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