3P Filter Collector With Universal Fitting Kit

3P Filter Collector With Universal Fitting Kit

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3P rainwater filter-diverters are simply the best on the market, designed for installation on a drainpipe to provide a highly efficient means of diverting rainwater into a water butt or storage tank, the preferred choice from a small domestic water butt to large industrial sized tanks.
They are not just a basic diverter; they filter and cleanse the rainwater before diverting it sideways into the tank; leaves and debris continue down the drainpipe to the drain for the best possible water quality in your tank.
When the water butt is full the filter-collector’s unique removable stainless steel filter cartridge can be taken out in seconds for cleaning, allowing maintenance without the need to dismantle pipework.
Fits all UK round downpipes between 65mm and 110mm in diameter.
Fits square downpipes 65mm to 75mm
Outlet Fits:75mm, 50mm & 32mm pipes or hose.
Available in four colours.
The 3P Filter Collector Universal is a standard 3P Filter collector with a Universal Fixing Kit.The kit includes 30cm of flexible pipe, hose tail, back nut. rubber sealing washer and flat bit borer for cutting the necessary entry point into the tank wall.

Excellent quality for an excellent price. Ms Jeffreys, West Sussex.
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