Colour Sequencing LED Lights

Colour Sequencing LED Lights

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Colour Sequencing 72 LED Lights These multi-coloured LED lights continually change colour such that your feature can be appreciated in a multitude of colours.
They mix three base colours to produce an ever-changing colour. Each unit has an array of 72 LED's, i.e. 24 of each colour. They are supplied complete with an outdoor mains transformer and 10m of cable.
Optional floats, stands and extension cable may be purchased.
Please note that these lights continually change colour and do not allow a fixed, constant colour to be set.
Compliment your pond or water feature with a glow of coloured light. Ocean mist lights can be used in or out of water. Optional floats are available enabling them to be floated on the surface of your pond. This is particularly effective when used below a stainless steel water feature.
Stands can also be purchased allowing the lights to be mounted at ground level and angled towards a feature.
LED lights are low voltage, 12V, 10W lights producing coloured light via light emitting diodes. The advantage of these units is that they are a relatively flat, compact unit and since they do not use filament bulbs there is not a requirement to frequently change bulbs. LED lights are also highly efficient and economical to use. These units are complete with an outdoor mains, 240V ac transformer and 10m of low voltage cable for routing outdoors to your feature.
These lights are avilable with either red, blue and white base colours or with red, blue and yellow base colours.
Please note that the lights below include an outdoor transformer.
Floats: Floats may be purchased for the LED lights. The light unit is fitted into the float to make a floating light. They are ideal for positioning underneath a water feature which is situated in a garden pond so as to illuminate the feature from below. Two sizes of float are available. Those available here are suitable for the large colour changing LED lights shown above.
Stands: The stand allows the light to be used at ground level and angled upward towards the feature. Each stand is supplied with a disk shaped base and a ground spike. The disk shaped space should be fitted for use on solid ground and the spike for use on grass or soil. Two sizes of stand are available for the LED lights. Those available here are suitable for the large colour changing LED lights shown above.
Extension Cable: A 5m extension cable is available to extend the 10m low voltage cable if required.

My barrel water feature arrived today and it is fabulous! Thank you so much. It is beautifully made and I am really pleased with the quality of the product and the speed and efficiency of your customer service Katie Hill, Sandyford
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