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Tornado Pond Pumps

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Tornado Pond Pumps are high output at low wattage, having open centre impellors.
These pumps can be used submerged in water or surface mounted out of water and are capable of handling solids up to 8mm in diameter.
Where large quantities of water are required on rock monoliths these pumps excel being a very economical option.
Usage: Indoor or Outdoor.
Power Supply: mains, 240Vac.
Cable Length: 10m.
Hose-Tail: Multi-Sized on all except the SPF3750 & 4750.
Guarantee: 2 years.
Model SPF1600
Max Flow 6000 lph
Max Head 350cm
Elec. Power 95 W
Outlet 1"
Inlet 1"
Price £99.00
Model SPF2200
Max Flow 8000 lph
Max Head 400cm
Elec. Power 125 W
Outlet 1"
Inlet 1¼"
Price £109.00
Model SPF2750
Max Flow 10000 lph
Max Head 450cm
Elec. Power 135 W
Outlet 1"
Inlet 1¼"
Price £114.00
Model SPF3150
Max Flow 12000 lph
Max Head 500cm
Elec. Power 175 W
Outlet 1"
Inlet 1½"
Price £119.00
Model SPF3750
Max Flow 15000 lph
Max Head 700cm
Elec. Power 290 W
Outlet 1½"
Inlet -
Price £169.00
Model SPF4250
Max Flow 20000 lph
Max Head 800cm
Elec. Power 450 W
Outlet 1½"
Inlet -
Price £189.00

Pleasantly surprised by the speedy delivery of both my orders (2 + 1 large 1/4 barrels) and have recommended the company to friends and family. Ms Magill, Milton Keynes
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