PM45A Pressure Boosting Pump

PM45A Pressure Boosting Pump

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The PM-45A is an electronically controlled, automatic pressure boosting pump that produces an outlet pressure similar to that obtained from the water main. It is surface (dry) mount.
A typical application would be to connect it externally to a rainwater storage tank. A pipe connection to the pump's inlet would be made from the tank's outlet connection point or valve / tap at the base of the tank. Pipe from the pump's outlet could be connected to an irrigation system or to a stand pipe and tap. The pump would be connected to mains power (230Vac). When the stand-pipe tap is opened the pump will automatically start giving a maximum flow of 45 litres per minute or a maximum pressure of 4 bar. When the stand-pipe tap is closed the pump will automatically switch off in 6 to 8 seconds. It also has a dry run protection feature, which switches the pump off if no water is available from the storage tank.
The pump could be fitted as a permanent installation or can be used portably for connection to a tank only when required.
Inlet: 1” female thread.
Outlet: 1” male thread.
Max flow: 45 litres per minute.
Max pressure: 4 bar.
The unit is supplied complete with 1m of 1” suction hose, hose couplings, clips and a 1” valve to be fitted to the storage tank outlet.
Suitable for: Boosting water pressure from an outlet at the base of a water butt or storage tank. Providing pressurised water to a hose, stand pipe or irrigation system.
Not suitable for: Drawing water out through the top of a water butt or underground storage tank.

Excellent quality for an excellent price. Ms Jeffreys, West Sussex.
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