Classic Cascade Water Garden

Classic Cascade Water Garden

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This feature consists of two oak half-barrels with a cast-iron pitcher pump mounted at the top. It incorporates an electric pond that circulates water from the base barrel up to the cast-iron pitcher pump.
This water cascades back down to the base passing through a lead spout in the upper half-barrel on its way.
Approx. height 49" (123cm), approx. width 30" (75cm).

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RCD 13A Circuit Breaker 230V

RCD 13A Circuit Breaker 230V

PondoStar LED Set 3

PondoStar LED Set 3

I was delighted with my barrel, which was of infinitely superior quality to any other barrels I had managed to source locally. It is water tight as advertised (much to my surprise). It was also an extremely reasonable price. Mrs Ryan, Herefordshire.
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