5t Monolith

5t Monolith

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These monoliths are made from plumb coloured, Welsh slate.
They have a flat sawn base so that they can stand vertically and a 1¼" (32mm) hole bored up through their centre. The central borehole provides a passage for water to be pumped up through the monolith so that it can ooze from the top and trickle down the slate sides. Monoliths may be purchased with an optional pebble pool base.
The pebble pool base has a sump, which can be sunken into the ground and provides a reservoir of water for the feature. The top section of the pebble pool contains a perforated disk that can be covered with shale or coloured pebbles.
The heavy-duty pebble pool bases that are provided are robust enough to carry the weight of the monolith. May be purchased without a base or with a suitable pebble pool base.
Other options include a suitable submersible pond pump with a length of pipe to connect to the monolith.
Feature pump plus heavy duty Finia1800 pebble pool base. Diameter 180cm x H 37cm
capacity 420L plus 4 x 20kg bags of green slate chippings.


I was delighted with my barrel, which was of infinitely superior quality to any other barrels I had managed to source locally. It is water tight as advertised (much to my surprise). It was also an extremely reasonable price. Mrs Ryan, Herefordshire.
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