Slate Hololiths

Slate Hololiths

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Natural Welsh Slate Hololiths are created by boring a large hole through the face of a monolith to create a window-like opening. This gives a feeling of depth to the slate as well as creating a focal point from where water will flow once the hololith is set-up as a water feature.
A smaller bore hole from the base of the stone to the bottom of the large hole creates a passage for water to rise through. The pump can be set so that water flows gently or gushes from the window hole. Being a natural product they are all slightly different, the photograph shows a typical example.
The hololiths we supply are all predominantly plumb in colour.
Options available with the hololith include a suitable pond pump with connection hoses and a Finia 1000 pebble pool base. If a pebble base is used then the pebble pool base would normally be buried in the ground and covered with the stone of your choice. The feature can then be positioned on top of it.
We recommend using a Finia 1000 pebble pool. (Diameter 98cm x H 30cm capacity 90L.)
These are a heavy duty pool that can withstand the weight of a heavy slate feature of this type. The Finia base provides a sump containing a reservoir of water for the feature and is available as an option with this feature. A submersible pump is required to drive the water to the top of the feature and this will normally reside beneath the water level, inside the pebble pool base or garden pond.
The pump is an optional extra, which comes with a length of flexible tube and 10m of cable for connection to a mains 240V supply. For installation the tube from the pump should connected to the base of the feature. The pump will then circulate water from the pond or pebble pool base up to top of the feature. This water cascades down and ultimately returns to the pond or pebble pool base.
Height: 3ft" (90cm) approx.

RCD 13A Circuit Breaker 230V

RCD 13A Circuit Breaker 230V

Outdoor LED Light - Red/Blue/White

Outdoor LED Light - Red/Blue/White

PondoStar LED Set 3

PondoStar LED Set 3

After buying one, we just had to buy another. We ordered it on Tuesday and it arrived on Thursday. Mr Woodroof, Hampshire
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