1200 mm R/E Acrylic water blade

1200 mm R/E Acrylic water blade

Product Code: SEG-6075


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Product description

The Stowasis 1200mm Bottom Rear Sheer Descent Water blade.  The 1200mm acrylic sheer descent creates an attractive blade of water flowing over the front lip. 
Requires a 12000 lph pump.


Stowasis Acrylic Water Blades

The Acrylic water blade can be used in many internal and external locations.

This water blade is made Acrylic and has a sealed cover on the top (additional support will still be required if heavy materials or construction is above the blade).  Available in many widths, the Acrylic Blades have one, two or three water inlets depending on blade width.

The blade has to be installed level to create an even flow of water across the width of the blade.  The flow of water reduces as the height of the water blade is increased – ensure the pump used has the right capacity for the desired height of the Acrylic descent.

The Acrylic Blade descents have a rear entry inlet for the water – the pipework has to connect to the water blade from the pump situated in the reservoir.  The reservoir should be on a firm base with sufficient support around the sides and edges.

LED light strips added to the descent give a stunning effect as the water comes over the blade.  The light strip has 10 metre of cable and clips into the back of the feature.


Stowasis Accessories

Water Pumps – large range of pumps to suit the blade width and height, with 10 metre cable.

Pipe & Fitting Kit - 25mm aquatic hose, flow control valves, hose-tails, stainless steel manifolds and clips.

Reservoir – plastic rectangular reservoirs and lids, square and rectangular stainless steel bowls.

Lighting – LED Lighting strips to suit the water blade width, with 10 metre cable and external transformer.

You run an excellent service right from the web site through to very fast delivery exactly to spec. Well done. Mr Rixon, Bicester.
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