1200 mm R/E Sheer Flow Water Blade

1200 mm R/E Sheer Flow Water Blade

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1200 mm Rear Entry Sheer Flow Water Blade
Sheer Flow Water Blades are similar to the Sheer Descent blades but they have an exit spout that is deeper and stylishly curved.
As well as providing a curved exit path for water emerging into the waterfall the wider spout projects the falling water further from the position where the unit is mounted. The increased spout depth may be required where it is intended to install one of these units behind a wall with the spout projecting out through a slot in the wall.
These high quality blades are made from stainless steel and consist of a box shaped chamber that fills up through a system of baffles and then flows over the edge of the lip.
The blade should be mounted level in order that it produces a sheet of water that is of maximum width. The front of the chamber has a curved spout which, when mounted correctly spreads the water into a thin sheet. Sheer Flows are available in five widths with the option of rear or bottom hose connection points or inlets. The smallest blade has only one water inlet where as the widest one has three that are evenly spaced along the length of the chamber.
Sheer Flow are available with a light options. With this option underwater lights reside in the trough section illuminating the water blade to create a stunning night time feature.
Fitting Brackets: Available in each of the five sizes as an option these stainless steel brackets are designed for bottom entry water blades. Once they are screwed to the wall the water blade simply sits inside the bracket with the pipe connections projecting through holes in the bottom of the bracket. They make fitting a water blade so much easier.
Plastic Reservoirs: Plastic trough shaped reservoirs can be purchased as an option. They can be used to create the base pond or reservoir that is needed to catch the falling water; provide a reservoir of water for circulation over the blade and to house the submersible pond pump that powers the feature.
Optional plastic lids can also be purchased with these reservoirs. The lids can be covered with stone or shale to create a pebble surface rather than an open water surface at the base of the waterfall. The lids have a letterbox flap to allow easy access to the pond pump.

Pleasantly surprised by the speedy delivery of both my orders (2 + 1 large 1/4 barrels) and have recommended the company to friends and family. Ms Magill, Milton Keynes
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